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The FilM


In a raw and evocative telling, the film takes place at the crossroads between the human spirit and the technological revolution that is happening around the globe. The film illustrates the tenacity, pain, struggle and triumph that is occurring in medical and biomechanical sciences and how people with catastrophic spinal cord injuries are changing the way we think about injury.

The film is a grand adventure and a story of triumph over pain and adversity.  Driven by personal narratives of two friends, it challenges us all to see into the future to a time when spinal cord injury is something that is an inconvenience and not a life sentence where people are deflected to the fringes of society.

Produced by Emmy Nominated and multi-award winning producers Richard Joel, and Adam Matalon with Caitlin Patricia Weiler. Andy Lauer, Founder President & CEO of ReelAid serves as producer and distribution consultant. Producers Ron Hanks and Sarah Coursey round out the team. The film's director is Adam Matalon.

The film is about the many lives changed instantaneously through catastrophic injury and is driven by two very personal narratives. Adam Gorlitsky who woke up paralyzed after falling asleep at the wheel on his way home from college thirteen years ago, and Caitlin Patricia Weiler who never knew her father before he became a quadriplegic.

As Adam Gorlitsky moves towards a million steps in his scientifically engineered exoskeleton, he will walk the LA marathon in March 2019 becoming the first person in North America to succeed in this mission and hoping to establish a new world record. As he and his companion in this mission Caitlin Patricia Weiler set out from Dodger Stadium, they are creating a wave of change and highlighting the untold stories of disabled people doing incredible feats and making incredible changes in their lives and the lives of others.


 As these friends share personal stories through the long and arduous 30-35+ hour mission, we will build the backdrop against which we will investigate the technology and science that is creating a world for the disabled that was not available when Adam was first paralyzed 13 years ago and certainly not for Caitlin who could never have dreamed of this technology as a child as she watched her father debilitated by his injury. It is inspiration for the future generation and speaks to a time when the disabled are simply Re-Enabled.

The film is an homage to those who have gone before including Caitlin’s father who might have walked himself had he lived just a few years longer.

When we cross the finish line on March 24th 2019, we will be at the beginning of a long 18 month journey to complete a film with global reach.

It takes just a few seconds for a life to change forever.

Let’s make it for the better by telling this story.


The Film Starts with Adam at the LA Marathon.

Adam will use ReWalk advanced spinal cord technology to walk the 26.2 miles of the LA Marathon. We begin our story following him.

Join us!

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The Story

With unique access to the race supported by the LA Marathon, we will follow Adam Gorlitsky on his trailblazing journey. Then, we will look further with stories from others with spinal cord injuries and the work being done to help them.


Act 1 - the La marathon

Adam’s journey to cover the 26.2 miles of the LA Marathon will take him almost 3 days. We will follow him the entire way. Follow us on Adam and Caitlin’s social media accounts to see their progress!

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Act 2 - Stories of hope

Caitlin Patricia Weiler is an activist working on behalf of patients with spinal cord injuries. She was inspired to work after seeing her late father live every day with joy despite his spinal cord injury.

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ACt 3 - New Technology

After looking closely at the personal stories of many affected by spinal cord injuries, we will uncover the leading technology working to improve their lives. Our journey will carry on after Adam Gorlitsky finishes his race as we create this documentary, and we hope you will join us.